Mercomarve is equipped with modern technology, allowing integration into international markets, competing with countries highly technical. In these pages detailing the wide range of equipment produced in standard form, contemplating the vast and diverse requirements of modern industry, adding special accommodations also according to customer needs.

Mercomarve is producing a diverse line of high quality equipment vital to the growth and modernization of the industry. In its 5000 m2 plant located in Mburucuya 560 of the City of Morón, Buenos Aires, Gearboxes and geared motors are manufactured brand BOSTON Speed ??to Gear and crown, bi helical and helical gears, single, double and triple train , brand TURBOMOTOR Hydraulic Couplings, Flexible and Contact Gearing.

It has to do with technically trained personnel to perform the most important engineering projects. It also produces gray and nodular iron under ASTM standards, bronze and aluminum under SAE standards. These products are spread across a broad spectrum covering chemical industry, steel, textiles, petrochemicals, food, metallurgy, medicine, paper, etc., covering the needs of small, medium and large industry.

  • Engineering Projects
  • Gray and Nodular iron, Bronze and Aluminum